from by Reach (Us)



Lyrics by Tony Carberry



(Vi) I have been so many places
none of them feel like home
the more change my mind erases
don't know what the future holds.......
upon a path that I must walk
a future filled with foolish talk
too late to retrace my steps
it appears there's nothing left.......

there's nothing left.......

(Chorus) we hold...........
everything in our hands
and all of our lost hopes
I will,refuse to walk away
I will,not see our future fade

(Vii) torn between my many faces
fear,anguish and disgrace
constant,heartbeat racing
but no one sees my pain..........
I could tell a thousand stories
why I cant sleep at night
but I find that rather boring
so I just swallow my pride..........

I swallow my pride


through all of our struggles
we are never satisfied
no matter the outcome
we will never run and hide,
it's time to face our opponent
and stand up and fight
this is no losing battle
this is our life

and we will never hide!!


from Cerberan, released August 6, 2013



all rights reserved


Reach (Us) Dublin, Ireland

Brady Popkin is a multi instrumentalist from Morrison Illinois.Releasing his first solo EP "We seek the means to escape this light,intrusive" on March 18th 2012 with the addition of Casey Pruis (formerly of Aphasia/Fallen to ashes).
For his debut feature length album "Cerberan" he has recruited Tony Carberry on Vocals based in Dublin,Ireland which is set to be released in summer 2013.
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